Data protection and Mytholmroyd Arts Festival 2019

If you are just visiting this website, Mytholmroyd Arts Festival will not record your email address or the details of your computer – we do not use cookies.

We will keep a record if you either sign up for the newsletter or apply for the Mytholmroyd Open exhibition.However, Mytholmroyd Arts Festival respects your confidentiality and we will never pass your individual information to private companies or state organisations.

Mytholmroyd Arts sends out occasional newsletters about our events and opportunities. If you sign up for the newsletter, we will keep a record of your email address and name only, on a system called MailChimp. This record is password protected. If you either want to check whether you are on the system or want to have your name deleted, please contact us at  You can also unsubscribe by following the link on any of our newsletters.

If you apply for the Mytholmroyd Open Competition,  we will keep a record of your name, email address, postal address, phone number, age, sex and ethnic group until November 2019. We need these details to manage the exhibition and also because we are asked by our sponsors to say which groups participate in our events.  We would only ever pass on group information (for example, that 55% of our applicants were women), rather than information about individuals. By applying to the Mytholmroyd Open, you are also agreeing to be added to our newsletter mailing list.

The information for Mytholmroyd Open Competition is held on a system called Gravity, which is password protected. In November, we will delete the rest of this information.

If you want your name and email address to be taken off the MailChimp record, please contact or use the unsubscribe link on any of our newsletters. If there was a security breech, Mytholmroyd Arts Festival would let you know within 72 hours of us finding out. We would do this by email, which does of course rely on us using MailChimp.  We would also let the authorities relevant authorities know about the breech.