Pizza and Story Telling at Redacre

A new event at Mytholmroyd Arts Festival 2019 will be an afternoon of story telling and pizza at the Redacre Growing Project. To find out more, we at MAF HQ put on our wellies for a walk round the site with Redacre member Leon Hampson.

During the afternoon event there’ll be storytelling, pizzas and bonfire. The pizza oven has just been built and Leon explained that ‘’Redacre will supply the dough and ingredients and the participants can design and make their own pizzas. We’ll cook the pizzas – they can be done in thirty seconds!’’. Redacre have been holding similar events for the last 2 years: ‘’When there are a few people gathered round the fire and the pizza oven there’s a great atmosphere’’.

Redacre felt like a semi tropical haven on the August evening I was there. Bees were buzzing and scent filled the air. There were grapes growing outdoors and huge globe artichokes, almost ready for harvesting. Redcare has raised beds, a pond and lots of fruit trees. Leon told me ‘’We have an apple press and in early October we have a tradition of members coming along to fill demijohns with juice’’.

Leon explained how being part of Redacre benefits both physical and mental health: “You see people coming along and just forgetting all their troubles’’.

Redacre is run cooperatively and there are nearly 90 members registered at the moment. For a £5 annual subscription, you can join as a Friend of Redacre and use the space, pick fruit from the community orchard and join in regular Community Days.

Redacre has links with other community groups too. For example, they’ve worked with We Grow Together and Calder Primary have their own allotment. Getting involved with Mytholmroyd Arts Festival felt like a very natural fit for Redacre.

Watch this space for more details of the MAF event at Redacre…….

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